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**ALERT: Beware of scammers who call you claiming to be from Microsoft and ask for your credit card to fix your computer remotely.

Our Services

Hourly Rate – $60 / Hour
Certain services are billed an hourly rate, we bill in 15 minute increments.

Diagnostics / Bench Fee – $30
We have a diagnostics fee of $30 for all computers that come in with unknown issues. This fee covers analysis, diagnostics and quote. In most cases this amount is applied towards the repair cost.

Performance Clean – prices range from $30 – $90
Performance cleans vary from one computer to the next, depending on the amount of time spent uninstalling, scanning, and updating a computer. We recommend running your virus scans and updates before bringing in your computer to save yourself some expense.

Windows Install – $45 – $80
Windows Install – $45 with drivers, antivirus and NO updates.
Windows Install Full – $60 with drivers, updates & software bundle
Windows Install Full w/ Recovery Media – $80
Transfer existing documents, pictures, files – $30

Hardware / Software Install – (Hourly Rate)
Hardware and software installs are billed at hourly rate, most installs are billed for 15 minutes of service.

File Transfer – $30
File transfers would be used to transfer your existing documents from your old computer to your new computer, or in the event you need a windows install and want your important documents saved.

File Backup – $30 +
Ever lose your important files due to hard drive failure? or just want a digital backup to put up in case of a disaster. We can setup either a cloud (online) backup storage service for you, or create backup DVD’s. (includes up to 3 DVD’s) Other Media available for additional cost or bring in your own flash drives.

File Recovery – $45 +
Lost your files? Accidentally delete important files and hope you can get them back? DO NOT DELAY, the longer you wait the less likely you will be able to recover your missing files. Backup to DVD Media (up to 3 DVDs) Other Media available for additional cost or bring in flash a flash drive.

Remote Help Desk – $30 (15 minutes + hourly)
Let one of our skilled techs take control of your computer over the internet and do diagnostics or cleanup of your computers. Some issues can not be fixed remotely and would require you to bring in your equipment. Call for an appointment.

Service Call or Mobile Help Desk – $75 (Includes 1 hour of time)
We offer onsite service calls for customers who can not bring their equipment in to our office, or for situations that require us to diagnose issues onsite. Includes 1 hour of time, additional time billed in 15 minute increments. We have limited availability for service calls each week. Call for an appointment.

West Branch

105 N. 3rd Street
West Branch, MI 48661
Located on the second floor.


Monday - Friday
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Closed Holidays

East Tawas

213 Wadsworth St
East Tawas, MI 48730
This is a home business, please call for appointment


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